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The Importance of Process Simulation for Plant Optimisation

Plant revamp studies and complete plant simulations with matched plant operating data are the foundation for revamp concepts. Just recently we completed a +20% debottlenecking of a hydrogen peroxide plant where ultra-pure hydrogen is used as the feedstock for hydrogen peroxide production.  This involved rigorous simulation of the process and utilities, including a full hydraulic analysis to optimise the plant pressure profile.  This was essential since the plant is constrained at the i...

January 11, 2022

Sizing a Restriction Orifice

A restriction orifice is a simple, inexpensive device used to limit the flow of fluids. Despite their simplicity they are often used in safety-critical situations, such as limiting the vapour flowrate to within the capacity of a relief valve or controlling the rate of an emergency depressurisation. Accurate sizing of the orifice is therefore critical but is often misunderstood. Whilst the Bernoulli-derived equations for flow through an orifice are well documented in literature, such as in Crane ...

December 30, 2021

Project: AEMS for Ballance Kapuni

Commissioned in October 2021, the Ammonia Emissions Management System (AEMS) for Ballance Kapuni was a significant milestone for PGL. Spanning almost 3-years, the project involved the design and retrofit of a flare system with 40+ relief devices into the Ballance Kapuni ammonia plant. For Ballance, the driver for the project was to improve operator and community safety for their plant. From Process Group's perspective, this was certainly a landmark project of great complexity for flare system de...

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