Process Engineering

From process design through to operations and on-site support, Process Group offers the full range of process engineering services. 

With quality and value at the forefront, our experienced team of technical experts can deliver a range of process engineering activities across all project phases, and provide operational support throughout the life of the plant.

We offer specialist plant operation and design expertise for hydrocarbons, hydrogen, syngas, ammonia and urea plant production technologies. We promote best practices with applicable codes, standards and legislative requirements. 

Advice throughout the project lifecycle

Process engineering is an investment for success, to ensure that expectations are achieved, and unintended consequences are avoided for people, plant and the environment. Process Group can provide support at all stages of the project lifecycle. 


From assessing feasibility and calculating capital and operating costs, to assessing the health and safety and environmental impacts, Process Group offers a range of concept select services.

  • Concept design development
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Technology recommendations
  • Capital and operating cost assessment
  • Health, Safety and Environmental impacts


Utilising the best simulation tools and design methods, Process Group offers a range of process engineering design services during FEED and detailed design. We can develop best practice designs, estimate costs accurately and bring all disciplines together including any specialist vendors required.  

  • Process simulation
  • Mass and energy balances
  • Unit operations e.g. separation, distillation, reactors
  • Heat transfer - heat exchangers, heaters, coolers, heat loss
  • Hydraulic design - line sizing, pump specifications, control valves
  • Process control and optimisation
  • Relief and venting 
  • Utility systems 



Process Group can provide a range of operational and on-site support to ensure optimal plant performance. This includes equipment troubleshooting support, undertaking plant optimisation and debottlenecking studies, and providing commissioning and operator training for new plant. 

  • Plant optimisation
  • Debottlenecking
  • Troubleshooting
  • Brownfields integration for extensions / upgrades 
  • Commissioning
  • Operator training


Process Group provides a range of assurance services, including providing independent verification of third-party designs, advising on engineering best practice and acting as the owner’s engineer on behalf of the client.

  • Process design assurance
  • Independent verification service
  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Engineering best practice
  • Safety cases

Tools and Capability

Process Group utilises the world's leading engineering software to deliver unparalleled accuracy and certainty. Our highly experienced team has best-in-class process engineering capability in a number of areas including Process Simulations, Relief & Flare System Design, Consequence Modelling (PHAST), Heat Exchanger Design and Optimisation. 

Symmetry Process Simulation is best-in-class simulation technology for the hydrocarbon and petrochemical industries. The preferred simulation package choice for physical property characterisation by OEMs, Symmetry Process Simulation uniquely integrates the modelling of fields, pipe networks, process plants, and flare systems. 

Heat Transfer Research, Inc. is the global leader in process heat transfer and heat exchanger technology. Considered the industry’s most advanced thermal process design and simulation software, HTRI rates, simulates, and/or designs a variety of heat transfer equipment. 

Getting timely feedback from project stakeholders helps avoid costly changes on projects, allowing collaboration in real-time. Bluebeam is advanced design software for visual communication and collaboration of design concepts and engineering detail. It keeps teams on the same page through the design process, helps move the project forward during construction and preserves important project data. 

Process Engineering Experts

Richard Wilson

Founder / Process Director

Alex Rudd

Principal Process Engineer

Stuart Frew

Principal Process Engineer

Tsion Behar

Senior Process Engineer

Caylea Rudd

Senior Process Engineer

Enrico Grond

Senior Process / Project Engineer

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