Ammonia Plant Process Simulation using Symmetry

A full simulation (process and utilities) of an ammonia plant has been completed using Symmetry process simulation software. Symmetry is the perfect platform for complete plant simulation enabling detailed characterisation of the plant that aligns with the way the plant is actually operated. The simulation is set up with key operator inputs and outputs used for plant control (e.g. steam to carbon ratio, hydrogen nitrogen ratio etc) together with key control loops.

The Symmetry display configuration is set up based on a main flowsheet which shows the connectivity between all the sub flowsheets which are used to simulate each section of the plant. Primary plant inputs (process gas, fuel gas, boiler feedwater makeup, urea plant purge gas) and outputs (ammonia production, specific energy consumption) are also displayed on the master flowsheet.

The sub flowsheets are interconnected and specifically allow the use of different property packages to suit the process operating conditions (e.g. the amine property package is used for the carbon dioxide removal section of the plant which is using MDEA solvent whereas other sub flowsheets are using Advanced Peng Robinson).

The utilities are fully integrated with the process side of the simulation which provides a true mass and energy balance for the plant. This includes radiant and convection sections of the primary reformer. The steam and condensate, fuel gas, refrigeration and cooling water systems have dedicated sub flowsheets with full connectivity with the process unit operations.

Efficient use of recycle functions within the simulation allows the complete simulation to solve in less than 5 minutes. Download of plant DCS data into the simulation via Excel (with data regression if required) is also a feature of the simulation.

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